Tourist Attraction

Suame Municipal assembly hoping to give you the right conditions to work, and we put you in a beautiful place, where you feel a little bit better about yourself because you know your work is being used for something greater than producing a profit, maybe you will get more creative; maybe you will want to work more.

Tourist Attraction

The basis of tourism is perception of otherness, of something being different from the usual.

The Journey…

Bremang Banmu

The Municipality can boast of the Asanteman Royal Cemetery at Bremang where the Asantehene and some Royals are buried when they pass-on.

Thus the Municipality is the house of the Royal Mausoleum for the Asantehene and other important royals where they are buried. This can serve as a tourist site where tourists can visit to see the final resting place for occupants of the Golden Kingdom in Ashanti.