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Municipal Chief Executive

Through Municipal Chief Executive’s influence, vision, ethics and authenticity he creates a better reality for your community and municipal assembly, where those around and those who follow are inspired to dream, learn and act.

Municipal Chief Executive

The real power of a leader is in the number of minds he can reach, hearts he can touch, souls he can move, and lives he can change.

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He has more than 25 years’ experience as a professional teacher/lecturer at the second cycle and tertiary levels of education, with extensive experience as trainer of trainees and a master craftsman, working variously as a designer and manufacturer in Leatherwork, Picture Making, Fabric Printing, Woodwork, Bamboo, Raffia and Calabash art. His work as a researcher in indigenous crafts has indeed, facilitated many workshops as a lead consultant and is also credited with a number of research works and workshop paper presentations in the area of art, having supervised a number of students’ research papers at graduate and undergraduate levels.

The primary objective of all his research work is to solving extensively some of the technical problems that hinder the development of indigenous art industries.