Investment Potential

Investment Opportunities and Potentials

The Suame Industrial Enclave, often referred to as Suame Magazine, provides potential areas of investment for investors.

The development of the Industrial Enclave can be effectively done considering the under-mentioned three-prong approach.

Investment Opportunities

An investor without investment objectives is like a traveler without a destination.


The Suame Industrial Enclave, in its current form is haphazard and lacks the needed appeal because of the wanton congestion due to improper planning. To turn the enclave around, ultra-modern garages or workshops that could be compartmentalized and delineated along the lines of speciality of the artisans/mechanics in the repairs and management of automobiles of recognized brands such as Toyota, Nissan, Mercedez Benz, Ford, Hyundai, etc. Investing in the provision of a chain of well-designed workshops will facilitate accessibility and ease of service delivery. An investment in this area, therefore, will be an investment well made.


Developing the physical infrastructural base on the industrial enclave makes the training of the artisans/mechanics to be better equipped with the relevant skills in practicing their professions, imperative.

In connection with this, an arrangement aimed at recouping the cost of investment made could be put in place to guide both parties – the beneficiary mechanics and the investor under the aegis of the Suame Municipal Assembly.

Production And Modernisation Of Agro-Processing Machinery

Undoubtedly, the artisans/mechanics at the Suame Industrial Enclave have been making some modest strides in the manufacture of agro-processing machinery as part of adding value to agro-based products.

Investment in the production of the machinery on a commercial scale could help expand the frontiers of marketing of those products as well as provide more job opportunities for individuals interested in earning a living. The machines, which could be modelled after internationally accepted brands, is another area that can be potentially exploited.


The Ashanti Kingdom is undoubtedly one of the oldest kingdoms in the world with rich tradition and enviable culture. The position of the Museum or Pantheon at Breman, one of the oldest communities in the Suame Municipality, in the scheme of appreciating the tradition of the Ashantis is key.

In view of this, any attempt at upgrading and marketing the place in terms of its over-arching importance both locally and internationally will be an investment well made with brighter prospects of yielding the anticipated returns.


Changing the faces of old communities in terms of replacing the old and dilapidated structures and houses with modern-housing projects within a framework of a well-planned development scheme is one of the development paradigms that is in vogue.

The modernization and gentrification of old communities could go a long way to beautify the municipality and also serve as a potential area of investment.

This is often done under a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) deal, where the interests of the community and the investor are managed on a win-win basis, and often regulated by a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).


The Suame Municipality, to a large extent, has potential areas where investment can be made, especially in the area of aquaculture. The riverine nature of parts of the municipality makes it potentially viable for any potential investment in aquaculture.

The Owabi River basin also provides the needed investment opportunities in aquacultural activities, which could yield the anticipated dividends to all potential investors.