The Akwasidae Festival (alternate, Akwasiadae) is celebrated by the Ashanti people and chiefs in Ashanti, as well as the Ashanti diaspora. The festival is celebrated on a Sunday, once every six weeks. The Akwasidae Festival is next only in importance to The National Day celebrations.


Akwasidae Festival

The culture of the people of Suame is manifested in their way of life. These include inherited ideas, beliefs, values, knowledge and skills.

One dominant cultural practice in Suame is the celebration of the Akwasidae festival, which is celebrated by all Asantes. Since culture is dynamic, some practices of the people have undergone major changes over the years such as “Bragoro” and as such has far reaching implications on development. In the area of land ownership and lease, the culture of the people has significant impacts on implementation of development projects and programmes.

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The Akan annual calendar is divided into nine parts, each lasting approximately six weeks but varying between 40–42 days in a period; the celebration of this period is called the Adae Festival.

The Adae Festival has two celebration days: the Akwasidae Festival celebrated on the final Sunday of the period, while the Awukudae Festival is celebrated on a Wednesday within the period.  As the festival is held on Sundays. During the last Akwasidae of the year, which coincides with the Adae Kese Festival, special attention is given to make food offerings and donations for helping people.