On the morning of 5th July 2023, the team embarked on a mass sensitization campaign for the implementation of the GKMA biodigester toilet for households in the Kronum Abuohia community. To maximize our impact, the team divided into groups, with some members focusing on sensitizing the residents of Afrancho community. The primary goal was to create awareness and encourage the adoption of the GKMA biodigester toilet, with the aim of ensuring that all houses in the area benefit from this innovative project.

In Afrancho community, the team members engaged in an intensive sensitization program to educate the residents about the benefits of the GKMA biodigester toilet.

Team members actively interacted with community members, explaining the features, functioning, and advantages of the biodigester toilet system. To augment our efforts, the project car made regular announcements throughout the sensitization campaign. These announcements served to grab attention and disseminated key information about the GKMA biodigester toilet project.

We are pleased to report that our mass sensitization campaign generated a positive response from the community in Kronum Abuohia. The residents showed a keen interest in the GKMA biodigester toilet, recognizing its potential to improve sanitation, reduce environmental pollution, and provide a sustainable energy source. Many community members appreciated the system’s affordability and its ability to address their sanitation needs effectively.

The mass sensitization campaign on the GKMA biodigester toilet for households in Kronum Abuohia on 5th July 2023 was met with a positive response from the community. By focusing on Afrancho community and utilizing the project car announcements, we successfully educated and created awareness about the benefits of the biodigester toilet system. The enthusiasm and interest displayed by the community members indicate a strong potential for widespread adoption of this sustainable sanitation solution. It is our hope that this positive response will lead to all households in Kronum Abuohia benefiting from the GKMA biodigester toilet, thereby improving sanitation practices, reducing environmental pollution, and enhancing the overall well-being of the community.

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