On the morning of 4th July 2023, the team embarked on a mass sensitization campaign for the implementation of the GKMA biodigester toilet for households in the Maakro community. Dividing ourselves, some team members focused on educating the residents of Maakro market, while the rest engaged with the community residents directly. The primary objective was to create awareness and encourage the adoption of the GKMA biodigester toilet, aiming to ensure that every household in the area benefits from this innovative project.

Project car announcements were made continuously, providing basic information about the GKMA biodigester toilet and its benefits to the market-goers. Team members were actively engaged in one-on-one discussions, explaining the functioning of the biodigester toilet, its cost-effectiveness, and environmental advantages.

Simultaneously, in the Maakro community, the team members visited households to personally educate and sensitize the residents about the GKMA biodigester toilet project.

We are delighted to report that the mass sensitization campaign yielded encouraging results, with a significant portion of the community expressing interest in the GKMA biodigester toilet. The response was overwhelmingly positive, as the residents recognized the potential benefits of this sustainable sanitation solution. Many households were particularly intrigued by the potential cost savings, improved hygiene, and reduced environmental impact offered by the biodigester toilet.

The mass sensitization campaign on the GKMA biodigester toilet for households in the Maakro community on 4th July 2023 was a resounding success. Both the residents of Maakro Market and the community responded positively, displaying enthusiasm and eagerness to adopt this sustainable sanitation solution. The project car announcements, along with the efforts of our team members, effectively educated the community, generating awareness and interest in the GKMA biodigester toilet. It is our hope that the positive response from the community will translate into widespread adoption, ensuring that all households in the area can enjoy the benefits of this innovative solution for years to come.

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